How To Induce Labor Yourself Naturally


If you are planning to have a natural delivery, you should know how to induce labor yourself. It is an essential element to make the delivery process less stressful both for the mother and child.

There are techniques to induce labor which can be followed for a smooth delivery under the guidance of a doctor or midwife. These induction methods are natural and 100% safe and time tested.

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If you want to know how to induce labor yourself naturally, here are 6 common practices used by women for a natural delivery:

  1. Herbal remedy. One way to induce labor through natural methods is to use evening primrose around the 36th week of your pregnancy. You can get capsules of evening primrose which you can break open and apply before bedtime every night. Once you break open the capsules, oil like liquid will come out which can be applied to the cervix or perineum to smoothen the area for natural delivery.
  2. Nipple stimulations. Another easy method that you must be aware of if you want to know how to induce labor yourself is nipple stimulation. Use your thumb and index fingers to stimulate your nipples. Do it in short gaps of 15-20 minutes for best results. This stimulation will help release oxytocin naturally instead of using medical intervention which is generally done in hospitals. This hormone once released helps to induce labor.
  3. Pre natal sexual intercourse. Believe it or not, when you are wondering how to induce labor yourself naturally, you may not be aware that one of the simplest methods available. Yes. You can induce labor yourself by having sexual intercourse with your partner prior to your delivery. This helps in the release of hormones oxytocin and prostaglandins which act as thinners to the cervix initiating a smooth delivery of your child.
  4. Using the law of gravity. An age old and traditional method that teaches you how to induce labor naturally is through walking and rocking. Walking before you give birth drops the baby faster and more easily through the law of gravity. You can also sit on a rocking chair and rock yourself as this helps to get the baby into the proper position.
  5. Castor oil. Did you know that consumption of castor oil before your delivery can induce labor and make your delivery process smooth and easy. Having a drink made out of four oz. of castor oil with six oz. of orange juice before your delivery will give you instant stomach cramps that can help you to induce labor by yourself. You will be forced to empty out your bowels and will cause stomach cramps which in turn will lead to labor.
  6. Seek assistance. If you are unaware as to how to induce labor yourself, do not make a self attempt at home. Seek medical assistance and always consult your gynecologist or midwife before you take the decision to induce labor yourself.

 How to induce labor yourself – What else you need to know

Learn How To Induce Labor YourselfApart from the various methods mentioned above, make sure you do a full physical check up and find out whether you are mentally as well as physically fit to deliver a baby naturally. A routine examination of your vagina is a must. An internal examination of the vaginal area by a gynecologist leads to the release of prostaglandin – a hormone in the uterine that allows the baby to slip easily towards the pelvic area initiating a smooth delivery.

Research on how to induce labor yourself has also led to the discovery of some herbs that can help induce labor. These include herbs like blue cohosh and black cohosh (herbs). These herbs help with regular contractions at the time of labor and also provide strength to the mother which is very essential during natural  childbirth.

Don’t forget to look up the internet on tips on how to induce labor yourself before you go into labor. These tips are essential for the mom-to-be as they help her get complete confidence on herself and control over her delivery process which is very essential for a smooth and safe delivery.

Some of these tips will include ways to reduce stress during a normal delivery process which is very essential to sooth the nerves of the pregnant woman during her delivery. Stress reduction activities can include going out for dinners or movies with your partner or friends, yoga and exercises meant specifically for pregnant women under proper guidance, reading a book or just relaxing with some soothing music.

A bumpy ride for a natural delivery

A unique method that shows you how to induce labor yourself includes, taking a rough ride on the car. Go over bumps but you need to be careful that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Do not drive yourself. Always have someone by your side in case of an emergency. When you ride on a bumpy road the jerks that you get will help the baby move down to a lower position which can help induce labor. However, don’t venture away too far from your town or city in case an emergency situation arises which would require you to give birth immediately.

Induce labor naturally with maternity acupressure

How To Induce Labor YourselfAnother method that shows you how to induce labor yourself at home includes the use of acupressure. Proper techniques of acupressure not only help you to induce labor by yourself but will also help to reduce the labor pains to a great extent when you are going in for a normal delivery. Acupressure techniques involve the use of pressure at specific points in your body which can help induce labor. When you decide to try this procedure, make sure that you do it under proper guidance. There are professional training sessions that you can undertake or online sessions that you can participate in which will teach you how to apply acupressure on yourself to induce labor. You can even include your husband to participate in the process with you while you get into labor.

These simple tips on how to induce labor yourself will definitely help you deliver your baby through the normal delivery process with ease. Inducing labor yourself is not as difficult as it sounds, in fact it is something that every woman can experience. Self induced labor will give you a healthy baby and will also help you recover faster compared to a caesarian delivery which involves surgery.

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