How to Use Maternity Acupressure to Induce Labor

The Use of Maternity Acupressure to Induce Labor – A Primer


If you feel like your baby’s ready for the labor room but your body is holding you back, you may consider maternity acupressure to induce labor. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique that has been in use for the past 5000 years. It is also called Tui na or “push-grasp” because it is based on applying pressure through fingers. Acupressure has earned recognition for the part it can play in alleviating stress, pain and insomnia. Consequently, the use of this technique on pregnant women has become a much discussed topic. According to supporters of the idea, the technique can help in alleviating nausea, reducing physical discomfort during pregnancy and child birth, and help in inducing labor.

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How Does Maternity Acupressure to Induce Labor Work?

Acupressure involves applying a slight amount of pressure using only the thumb and fingers on specific points of the body. The pressure can be static pressure or in the form small rotating movements. In the case of pregnancy, acupressure can be performed at different stages for different purposes.

Maternity acupressure experts not only receive acupressure training, but they are also trained in the needs and possible issues that are specific to pregnancy. This enables them take appropriate care of their patients. Just like any other complementary medical treatment, it is a good idea to consult a doctor before receiving maternity acupressure treatment.

Use Maternity Acupressure to induce your laborThe whole concept of maternity acupressure to induce labor, is based on the belief that a person’s body has flows of energy and it is possible to manipulate these flows. If somebody becomes ill, it means that there is a blockage or other issues with the energies within the body. Practitioners of this technique utilize a series of pressure points that, according to them, have a connection with the body’s energy. When a person comes to them for treatment, they examine the person to find the root of the problem, and then they use acupressure on these identified points so that the diverted energy is released. A technique that is closely related to acupressure is acupuncture. This discipline involves the use of needles for similar purposes.

Pressure Points for Maternity Acupressure to Induce Labor

During a maternity acupressure treatment, the human body is divided into several key points. The reactions produced by pressing the key points depend on the individual on which the technique is being performed. Different women experience different reactions. Maternity acupressure to induce labor can be performed using the following points: Hegu, Bladder 32 and Spleen 6. The webbing between a person’s thumb and index finger is the Hegu. Bladder 32 is located between the spine and the dimple in the hips. Spleen 6 is present in the ankle.

How to Locate Pressure Points

Locating a pressure point may take some practice. With experience, one can easily relocate the points to help the process of maternity acupressure to induce labor. Usually, correct identification of the point will result in the pregnant women feeling numbness and warmth on these points. After locating a point, one should pressurize it for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds. This procedure should be done on both sides of the body one after the other.

Maternity Acupressure to Induce Labor

maternity acupressure to induce labor

Maternity acupressure has been reported to enable pregnant women in their third trimester to start labor at home, thus dilating the cervix and decreasing the time they spend in the hospital for delivery.  The technique, therefore, relieves the new mother’s overall stress level. These benefits are achieved by pregnant women without the involvement of any potentially dangerous induction medicine. According to many, using maternity acupressure to induce labor  can also help in reducing the amount of stress a baby may feel during birth.

There are also other benefits of this technique. It can be applied for safely turning a posterior baby and stopping vomiting related to child birth.

Considering these benefits of acupressure for pregnant women, one can say that this technique is something that should be considered by women looking to induce labor by a natural method rather than a medical treatment. The difference in time spent in labor is also significant. According to research, maternity acupressure to induce labor allows women to cut up to two hours of labor time.

Midwives and Doulas

The use of maternity acupressure  to induce labor,  has made it popular among midwives and doulas. Many of them  are now using this technique during deliveries made at home as well as deliveries in the hospital.


Stimulating the pressure points of pregnant women after the first trimester can be harmful, as this could inadvertently activate the labor process. Manipulation of the spleen can cause the pelvic and uterus to contract, and contraction well in advance of delivery can be unsafe for the child. Similarly manipulation of the Hegu point can also cause contractions.

Considering this information, acupressure should not be performed in the early stages of the pregnancy.

The body of a pregnant woman prepares itself for labor weeks before the actual occurrence; therefore, it may not be a good idea to use this treatment without knowing what is going on within the woman’s body. According to critics of maternity acupressure to induce labor, every individual is different so there may be different response to the technique. Health officials and specialists caution against the use of acupressure as a “one size fits all” solution and strongly recommend that the treatment for maternity acupressure to induce labor should only be carried out by a trained professional.

Acupressure to induce labor can be performed without the help of others, depending on the level of expertise of the performer. Women that do not have the required expertise should use the help of a trained expert. When selecting an acupressure expert, one should make sure that the person has completed necessary training. An expert in the field of acupressure will know how to induce labor properly.

Popularity of Maternity Acupressure to Induce Labor

Many European and Asian countries have adopted maternity acupressure to induce labor. However, it is still not a widely known concept in the U.S. mainly due to the fact that it is not a standard medical practice. Regardless of the status of the technique, though, it is advisable to consult a healthcare provider before undergoing this treatment. It is also important that individuals who are considering this option, have a complete understanding of the possible advantages and disadvantages of  maternity acupressure to induce labor.

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