Natural Ways to Induce Labor


There are a number of natural ways to induce labor that will encourage the birth of your brand new baby. If you due date has come and gone, you may be considering possibly using a chemical induction to induce labor.

Many of these types of inductions result in a Cesarean birth that leave you both anesthetized and in recovery in bed right after the birth. Your body will also need to heal itself from this process and add in the possibility of complications and you many want to reconsider natural ways to induce labor.

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When you choose to have a medical procedure to induce labor, you are risking complications and a potentially long road to recovery. Your body will need time to heal from the surgery and you will not be alert during that crucial time when your child enters this world. When you choose natural ways to induce labor you will feel alive during your childbirth and will be able to recovery much more quickly.

Lets look at a few natural ways to induce labor that are safe alternatives to having any chemicals entering your body.

Simply grab a sweater and your partner, and take a walk. Walking is one of the most simple natural ways to induce labor. Walk to the corner and maybe back. No need to go for a long walk through the park in case the baby decides this is the time. Stay close to the house and just take a nice long stroll. This will keep your mind alert, and keep you moving and relaxed. If the weather isn’t cooperating than you can simply walk up and down the stairs or even around the house. Be sure to have someone with you. The motion from walking will help bring your baby’s head to bearing pressure on your cervix. You baby will also be in a much better position once labor occurs.

Use Maternity Acupressure to induce your laborOne of the more enjoyable natural ways to induce labor is to have sex. Your partner will be extremely receptive when you tell him this is something you need to help induce the labor. Even if it doesn’t work, this will definitely take both of your minds off of things for a little bit. Sex will put you in a more relaxed mood, and is physically pleasing to your body. When semen is introduced to the body it has been shown to actually increase the induction of labor. Semen contains prostaglandin, a natural chemical that softens the uterus. The many benefits of sex make this a great natural way to induce labor.

One reason many women turn to a chemical induction is because of a hormone called oxytocin. There is a way to create that chemical naturally in the body without any induction from a doctor. When you stimulate your nipples, you increase the production of oxytocin in your body which can help induce the labor naturally. Nipple stimulation should mimic a suckling baby. Each nipple should be stimulated for approximately fifteen minutes each.

A great way to induce labor naturally is through acupressure. This is very similar to getting a massage, whereas certain parts of the women’s body receives gentle physical pressure. Acupressure actually simulates the effects of sex, walking, massage nipple stimulation. You can have your partner learn this type of massage because it will create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere that can induce labor naturally. In addition to having no side effects, you and your partner will actually become even closer during these gentle massage sessions. Acupressure is scientifically proven to be one of the safe and natural ways to induce labor and will put your body in a much more optimal state for a natural childbirth.

If you have ever tried Castor oil, then you know about the taste. If you have never tried it, then just know that it has worked on over 58% of pregnant women. Castor oil can give a woman cramps and diarrhea, which in turn sets of bowel contractions. The theory here is those cramps in the bowels will set off your contractions. Use this tip when you are past due, because babies overdue will more likely pass meconium. While we are on this subject, bowel movements involve intestinal contractions. If you can get yourself to go to the bathroom, these bowel contractions could spread by proximity to your uterus. The stronger the bowel movement, the more of a chance it will trigger the contractions in your uterus.

This article has gone in depth about some natural ways to induce labor. There is one other option that involves taking herbs to bring on those contractions naturally. You will want to discuss this one with your doctor before you try it because many herbs in tea can actually induce labor. Teas like raspberry leaf and cumin tea are known to actually stimulate the contracting in your body. Make sure to talk with your doctor concerning the proper amount you should ingest so you do not experience any issues.

Natural Ways to Induce Labor – What to do next

Natural Ways To Induce LaborAlthough these natural ways to induce labor are completely safe, you should always speak with your physician before you try any of them. Each women’s body reacts differently to certain stimuli, and each action may have a different outcome in a different woman’s body. Your doctor may well tell you in addition to these techniques a few variations that may help in the induction process.

The bottom line is you do not want to try and rush the baby before the due date, let the process work its course naturally. You can always go online to maternity forums and speak to other women who have experimented with these techniques. Many times you can gather some very useful information about natural ways to induce labor from people who have been there before.

Your doctor is extremely experienced but chances are he hasn’t experienced giving birth. These ladies in the forums have lived through it and can give you insights as to reactions their bodies have experienced from these natural ways to induce labor. If nothing else you can see if a technique eased or increased thepain many women experience.

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