Pressure Points to Induce Labor

What you need to know about pressure points to induce labor naturally


pressure points to induce laborPressure points to induce labor are a traditional, safe and easy way to induce labor naturally. This technique makes use of the specific labor points to induce labor. When the body receives pressure on these labor points, the flow of blood to the uterus is stimulated which helps the baby to descend into the pelvic region.

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Also, maternity acupressure techniques encourage the baby to get into the right position for delivery. In addition, the use of pressure points to induce labor has additional advantage of relieving pains during labor. This acupressure technique is preferred over medical induction method as it is completely free of any side-effects and is safe for both mother and the baby.

Many midwives and medical practitioners encourage the use of pressure points to induce labor naturally by assisting their entire body to do the job much better. Lots of overdue women go into labor 48 hrs after a session of acupressure. The technique of acupressure is much more often used to accelerate a stalled or slow labor.

There are 4 Points to Stimulate When Acupressure is used to Induce Labor. These 4 pressure points to induce labor include

  1. The Shoulder Well. This technique is usually done by applying pressure to the trapezius muscle. Trapezius muscle is that muscle that connects the neck with the shoulder and it is a very important muscle and a large part in the body. The first thing is to find the highest point. This is the point where the muscle connects to the neck. The tenderest part of the muscle is found by going down for about 2 to 3 inches down from this point. Applying gentle but firm pressure to this area on and off will help to induce labor.
  2. The Adjoining Valley. This technique stimulates the large intestine because the large intestine surrounds a certain part of the uterus, which of course helps to induce labor in a natural way. To stimulate this point, one has to locate the webbing in between their thumb and the forefinger which will be very tender to touch and then pressure is applied onto it. Pressure is applied to this point firmly and continuously with a pinching like motion. This will also help to reduce the pain felt during the child birth.
  3. High And Big. The third way of using acupressure pressure points to induce labor is called the high and big technique. This high and big method is done by massaging firmly the region that is between the ankle bone and the Achilles which is situated just above the heel. This is another natural technique that encourages the unborn child to go down toward the pelvic region and ready for birth.
  4. The 3 Yin Crossing. This is the fourth method to use pressure points to induce labor. The main aim of this method of acupressure to induce labor is to strengthen or reinforce weak contractions. This pressure point can be located about hands width above the ankle. It is right next to the bone that is inside of that part of the leg, near the calf muscle. The tender part of this area should be felt and massaged gently but firmly for a few minutes.
  5. One can also try to adhere to acupressure position throughout the day by applying pressure to the roof of their mouth together with their tongue, stimulating the region as far back again while one can. This acupressure technique is performed while one goes about their everyday activities.

Use Maternity Acupressure to induce your laborIf these pressure points are used to induce labor, then this is called labor or maternity acupressure. These methods of acupressure are utilized to be able to by natural means of inducing labor. This is because; no drugs can be administered with this particular process. Since these Labor acupressure methods are going to be making use of very precise pressure points to induce labor they can be securely employed in their own home, as long as the woman follows the fundamental recommendations. It is really an exceptionally simple procedure that is very protected to employ, compared with other medications, where one will be taken chances of harming the baby.

When to Use Pressure Points to Induce Labor

Pressure points to induce labor can be used mainly in three situations. The first and the most general situation is when the due date for delivery has passed and the baby is still in the uterus. Secondly, the woman is in labor and wanted to strengthen or reinforce the contractions. Thirdly, before the commencement of active labor the amniotic fluid has broken down. One should make sure that the maternity acupressure is used only when the condition matches with any of the above situations mentioned.

Some basic tips to Find Pressure Points to Induce Labor

There is generally a sensation felt in all the pressure points to induce labor. So, when pressure points are pressed, a feeling of light pain is created. This fact should be used to trace specific pressure points in the body. Also, the pressure points should not be pressed too hard. In case, while applying pressure, the pain is intolerable, then it is advisable to release the pressure immediately.

One can apply pressure to their own body, or they can have a friend or a birth coach use these techniques. If practicing acupressure on another person, one can work on 2 pressure points simultaneously. i.e Applying pressure on the adjoining valley pressure point on the person’s left hand and applying pressure above the ankle bone, the 3 yin crossing on the opposite leg at the same time. Then taking a small break after a few minutes, switch on to the opposite hand and leg and apply pressure simultaneously.

It is always recommendable to use pressure points to induce labor only when all the stages of pregnancy developments are completed and the woman is completely prepared to deliver the baby. Also it should be kept in mind that not all the pressure points will work and well tolerated by all women. Consulting a gynecologist before using pressure points to induce labor is advisable.

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